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Beware the NSA’s Ongoing Witch Hunt – Reason.com

What will become of us if the feds can watch our every move and hear our every conversation and learn our every expenditure and read our every email and find out what we eat and whom we love and how we live? There are well over 4,500 federal crimes. The feds can find something wrong that anyone has done. Stalin’s chief of secret police, the monster Lavrenti Beria, once famously proclaimed: “Show me the man and I will find you the crime.” History teaches that a government on a witch hunt, unconstrained by law or Constitution, will not stop until it can brand someone as a witch. And an unbridled inquisition will not stop until it finds a heretic. The Constitution simply never entrusted the people who run the government with this awesome power. Rather, in the Fourth Amendment, it prohibited it.

If the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — which are the stated reasons for forming the United States of America in the first place — mean anything, they mean that we all possess the inalienable right to be different and the inalienable right to be left alone. Neither of these rights can be honored when the government knows all. And when the government knows all, and doesn’t like what it knows, we will have an authoritarian state far more odious than any history has ever known.

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The secret behind Ron Paul’s devoted following – Charleston Ron Paul | Examiner.com

Liberty is not simply a choice, like one chooses a political party. Liberty is a Law. One either accepts Liberty and masters its principles, or one settles for something less. A nation either embraces Liberty completely, or accepts a substitute. Those who love Liberty recognize Ron Paul’s mastery of it, despite his human frailty, and they will not accept a substitute.

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The 12 Gold Bugs of Christmas :: Liberty Maven

Warren Buffett recently remarked that you can’t value gold like an oil company or farmland, so we should forget gold and buy equities. But he misses the point! Gold doesn’t produce value because it is value; in other words, gold is money.

It’s sad to see Mr. Buffett go to the dark side. But, as I’m about to show, he’s losing company when it comes to his views on gold.

It’s difficult to fathom why a professional money manager – someone who looks at markets all day long and tries to make money for his clients – doesn’t see the in-your-face arguments for buying precious metals. It’s borderline irresponsible. You may think that’s a strong statement, but I ask: what would you do if you were responsible for investing other people’s money and found yourself in the following investment environment:

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TowneForCongress.com – Towne for Congress Goes International!!!

Since I started writing in 2008, I've always simply said that I am “for liberty,” and against tyranny. I ended my first recorded public speech with the following words:”America was conceived in liberty, and I will not let our Republic fall to the cowards who defile her without a bitter fight. These cowards will do whatever they can to remain in power, to control us by debasing our money and throwing away our liberties as if they were garbage. Our Republic was not established by cowards, and cowards have no chance of preserving it!Their favorite strategy is “Divide-and-Conquer.” They will prey upon our differences in Race, Skin Color, Gender, and religious creeds in attempts to turn us upon ourselves. They will try to set our Citizens Senior against our country's young people. They will try to set the Rich, the Poor, and the Middle Class at each other's throats for this is the ONLY way they can stay in power.We must act together, we must recognize that we are all Americans, we are all on the SAME SIDE. As our founders signed the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin said, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately.”The Republocrat Establishment must use tools to divide us since this is the only way to maintain their power over us all. My message today is to stress that not only should our skin color not divide us, but neither should labels like progressive, liberal or conservative.We are all Americans. Happy St. Patty's Day!!In liberty,Jake Towne

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The Great American Republic was shaped by individual events which are now part of American legend. The Battle of Bunker Hill, The Winter at Valley Forge, Washington Crossing the Delaware, the Constitutional Convention, and George Washington stepping aside after his 2nd term as President, evoke pride and honor in the hearts of many Americans, if their public schools still teach about these historic events. The politically correct “history” books today are more likely to concentrate on the impact of Marilyn Monroe on the culture of America. The Founding Fathers, including James Madison, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington, risked their lives to create a republic. These revolutionaries declared their independence from an overbearing oppressive regime. The British Empire had been taxing the colonies to pay for their foreign adventures. The Founding Fathers were willing to risk being hung rather than live under tyranny, when they made the following declaration:

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