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The 12 Gold Bugs of Christmas :: Liberty Maven

Warren Buffett recently remarked that you can’t value gold like an oil company or farmland, so we should forget gold and buy equities. But he misses the point! Gold doesn’t produce value because it is value; in other words, gold is money.

It’s sad to see Mr. Buffett go to the dark side. But, as I’m about to show, he’s losing company when it comes to his views on gold.

It’s difficult to fathom why a professional money manager – someone who looks at markets all day long and tries to make money for his clients – doesn’t see the in-your-face arguments for buying precious metals. It’s borderline irresponsible. You may think that’s a strong statement, but I ask: what would you do if you were responsible for investing other people’s money and found yourself in the following investment environment:

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Gerald Celente-Their is NO Economic Recovery-Its A COVERUP

A fantastic interview with Gerald Celente by James Corbett of the Corbett report..Jerry goes into detail on how he feels the current reports of recovery (green shoots) is really in fact a coverup as the power to be in reality is blowing smoke up our ASSES.

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Rep. Ron Paul « Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses the overwhelming popular support for auditing the FED, the surreptitious method of funding wars through inflation instead of direct taxation, the case for withdrawing from Afghanistan and Ben Bernanke’s refusal to change course and acknowledge flaws in his economic theory.

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