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Statism is Dying

“I think the nation-state as a form of organization is on its way out, and that a 100 years from now people will look back at countries like China and the U.S. the way we look back at medieval kingdoms today.” – Doug CaseyStatism is dying, sooner or later it will be nothing but a thing of the past, along with many of its primitive and archaic notions such as “nation-states” that barbaric and antiquated concept which consists on pledging faith to some imaginary borders invented and promoted by governments as a way to marking the territories that they stole.It’s the delusional belief that you have the moral obligation to honor some drawn limits around a certain geographic area to the millimeter, and even defend them if need be, because of a simple accident of birth. So if your parents had fooled around twenty meters to the left, then you would’ve have had the “duty” to pay tribute and admiration or even protect another country all together.I bet you didn’t think an orgasm could be so costly, or did you?After you are born, you are expected to stick to some social contract which you’ve never signed and which no one has ever seen by the way and to honor those imaginary lines engraved by the blood of hundreds of thousands millions all through history of innocent people who did nothing wrong, except from the simple fact that they happened to live to in a certain geographic area that a certain ruler/president/king, or any other imaginary statist power figure happened to be salivating about.

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10 habits of debt-free people – MarketWatch

Whether you’ve resolved to get debt-free this year or you have a long way to go to get there, it’s good to be inspired. Look at people you know who are already living debt-free lives. Whether it’s a friend, family member or co-worker, the person you are thinking of probably shares similar qualities with other debt-free people. Here are 10 common characteristics you can copy to live within your means.

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