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If You Vote by Melanie Johnson

In On the Impossibility of Limited Government…, Hoppe says:

…It is necessary to recognize that the ultimate power of every government – whether of kings or caretakers – rests solely on opinion and not on physical force. The agents of government are never more than a small proportion of the total population under their control. This implies that no government can possibly enforce its will upon the entire population unless it finds widespread support and voluntary cooperation within the nongovernmental public. It implies likewise that every government can be brought down by a mere change in public opinion, i.e., by the withdrawal of the public’s consent and cooperation. (italics added)

So you see, voting is an act of support. It is how we consent to and cooperate with our government. When we vote for someone, we are agreeing to give him certain powers over our lives. If that politician does not share our values, then we become complicit in our own undoing. We become agents of the very state whose policies are antithetical to the cause of liberty. In other words, when we vote for someone who is not an ideological peer, we are supporting and furthering the cause of our own enslavement.

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100 Ways Mitt Romney Is Just Like Barack Obama

The New York Times recently made a less than half-hearted attempt to summarize the similarities between President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican Party nominee, Mitt Romney. As New York Magazine reports, the Times wasn’t able to do much better than: They both like Star Trek, Modern Family, and Chicken. Here at IVN, I thought we could find just a few more similarities of just a little more substance.

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Doug Casey on the ‘Worsening Storm,’ QE3 and the Hard Assets Alliance by Anthony Wile

Introduction: Doug Casey has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows and has been the subject of articles in People, US, Time, Forbes, The Washington Post, and numerous other publications. For nearly three decades, Doug Casey and his team have been correctly predicting major budding trends in the overall economy and commodity markets.

Daily Bell: Welcome, Doug. Give us an update on what you call the “Greater Depression.”

Doug Casey: A depression is a period of time when most people’s standard of living drops significantly. I think we can argue that this one really started in 2008. For the last couple of years, by printing up trillions of currency units, governments have – so far successfully – papered things over. Instead of allowing markets to liquidate, their currency printing has made it possible for people to continue living beyond their means. It’s just a question of time before things really come apart but it’s impossible to say exactly how much time. My guess is, based on what is happening in Europe and what I think will be happening shortly in China, is that we go back into the storm within a few months. As you know, it’s not a good idea to predict both an event and its timing. But I’m an economist – which is to say, someone who tries to describe the way the world works – not a fortuneteller. So I’m willing to take a shot at the timing…

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Naomi Wolf on the Crackdown on Dissent in America

With the world watching the case of Wikileaks Julian Assange, Russia Today sat down with American author Naomi Wolf to discuss why journalists are finding it increasingly difficult to publish information the US government doesn’t want them to. Indeed, the Pentagon has been ordered to begin monitoring major news stations in the US to see if any media outlets are disclosing classified information. With the entire government now over-classifying everything, it’s a heavy-handed attempt to silence truth tellers and whistleblowers with threats of imprisonment, or worse. Wolf’s reaction is: “My immediate take is a profound feeling of nausea and a sense that somehow, the United States has collapsed into the Soviet Union circa the mid-1930s. This was horribly foreseeable, but I can’t believe it’s come to this.” (24:59)

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The Iron Fist in Tampa by Justin Raimondo —

As the Republican convention-goers gather in Tampa, Florida, the Republican party Establishment is eager to crush any public expressions of dissent — both inside and outside the convention hall.

Inside, efforts are underway to make it impossible for delegates pledged to antiwar libertarian Ron Paul to place their candidate in nomination — an effort the Huffington Post deems a “defense” against Paulian “shenanigans.” Party rules say officially-recognized candidates must have pluralities of delegates in at least five states: however, at a recent Republican National Committee meeting, Texas committeeman John Ryder moved to increase the number of states to ten — just to make sure Paul doesn’t make the grade. Disdaining convention floor fights as “the residue of the 19th century,” Ryder averred it is time to “streamline” the process by which the GOP nominates its standard-bearer. Ryder claimed that he wanted to eliminate “distractions” at the Republican convention:

“Unless you’ve got a real contest, where you have two candidates or three candidates who actually have a mathematical chance of winning, then why do we want to go through the exercise?”

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Zero Aggression Project – Downsize DC Foundation

Consumer Controlled Government
By Perry Willis (351 words)

Yesterday we explained how . .

  • The government is NOT the society, the country, the nation, the culture, the people, the traditions, or the land. Instead . . .
  • Government is merely a service provider, like Exxon or Microsoft.
  • Service providers are supposed to serve, not rule.
  • A government, properly understood, should be below you, NOT above you. Therefore…
  • Government should never INITIATE violence.

So we urged you to STOP thinking of The State as some magical, mystical entity, and instead think of it the same way you think of Walmart. Today we’ll take this concept further . . .

If Walmart does something you dislike you can FIRE IT and hire Kmart or Target instead.

Please notice that you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do this, and Walmart won’t do anything to harm you.

You have all the power. Walmart has none.

This is true for all service providers, except The State. Walmart must earn your support, The State does not. The State will harm you if you try to withdraw your business. Thus . . .

The State does what it wants, NOT what you want.

Can you vote to change The State’s management? Not really. That requires the permission of your fellow “citizens.”

We are all captive customers, held in bondage to the politicians and each other.

Does it need to be this way?

What if The State lost the power to hold its customers captive? What if The State could no longer INITIATE violence against its customers? Then it would have to earn your support.

You would have the control.

Notice that this idea says nothing about downsizing government. Government could be as big or as small as its customers want it to be.

This would be consumer controlled government.

Such a government would serve, not rule. It would be below you, not above you.

Do you want to explore these possibilities, and promote these ideas? If so, we need your help. We’re not like The State. We can’t force you to do anything.

We must persuade you and earn your support.

Please become either a Co-Founder or an Associate Founder of the Zero Aggression Project.

Zero Aggression Project.

What Rand Paul Learned From Secret Security Hearings –

The rules for classified briefings of members of Congress on areas of government behavior that the government wants to keep from its employers — the American people — are a real Catch-22. Those rules allow representatives and senators to interrogate government officials about government behavior that they are afraid to reveal, and they require those officials to answer honestly and completely. But the rules keep the interrogations secret, and they expressly prohibit members of Congress from telling anyone what they have learned.

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