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Who are the real “crazies” in our political culture? – Glenn Greenwald –

One of the favorite self-affirming pastimes of establishment Democratic and Republican pundits is to mock anyone and everyone outside of the two-party mainstream as crazy, sick lunatics. That serves to bolster the two political parties as the sole arbiters of what is acceptable: anyone who meaningfully deviates from their orthodoxies are, by definition, fringe, crazy losers. Ron Paul is one of those most frequently smeared in that fashion, and even someone like Howard Dean, during those times when he stepped outside of mainstream orthodoxy, was similarly smeared as literally insane, and still is.

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Why Was JFK Murdered? – James Douglass interviewed by Lew Rockwell

Why Was JFK Murdered?.

“I want to just splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind.”

President John F. Kennedy
Jim, the author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, demonstrates that John F. Kennedy was assassinated not by the usual “lone nut,” himself killed by another lone nut, but because he turned towards peace. The assassination was a coup by the dark military-imperial-merchants of death cabal that has ruled America since. A follower of Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day, Jim Douglass is a retired religion professor from the University of Hawaii.

Barack Obama attacks iPods and other high-tech gadgets | Mail Online

U.S. president Barack Obama has launched an extraordinary attack on iPods and other high-tech gadgets by claiming they are bad for democracy.Mr Obama told an audience of undergraduates that the technology was a 'distraction' and was 'putting new pressures on our country'.He singled out Apple's iPod, the newly-released iPad and laid into the Xbox and Sony's Playstation.

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“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their substance.” – Declaration of Independence, 1776

The below pictures were from a presentation given at yesterday's “Towne” Hall on May 24. I've added a few comments with documentation links. The quote above from the Declaration easily applies to the 22.5 million bureaucrats, America's second largest job sector, who make nearly twice the average wage of the private sector.

While America is not Greece – or Iceland – there are glaring similarities.

While the Republocrats are not King George… they are far worse.

For Liberty and the Constitution,

Jake Towne

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New Film – Don’t Tread on Me: Rise of the Republic

By Angie Ress Staff Writer –

In a stunning show of discontent for the state of the union, the latest film project from filmmakers William Lewis and Gary Franchi is stirring up support from coast to coast. Only 8 days after the official release, 39 cities have registered locations to host film screenings of “Don’t Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic” on the National Simul-Screening day, June 26th.

In an interview with writer/producer Franchi, he stated, “It reminds me when I was working with Aaron Russo and the support his film received when it was released.”

Aaron Russo was the Hollywood producer whose final film, “America: Freedom to Fascism” examined the Federal Reserve, the income tax and the growing police state in America. Russo passed away due to cancer in August of 2007.

Writer/Director Lewis added candidly, “people are opening up their homes, renting theaters, and securing rooms in libraries and halls all over the country.”

Franchi chimed in, “and that’s just the publicly listed screenings, over 60 private screening locations have registered, as well!”

When asked why the film is receiving such attention, Lewis remarked, “The people have had enough. They are looking for solutions and we give the solutions in this film.”

When pressed about specifics, veteran documentarian Lewis stated, “The last amendment of the Bill of Rights lays out one part of the plan and the 2nd Amendment the other. We present, for the first time on film, key state resolutions working their way through various state houses that the viewer will be educated on and we hope will support, but that is just the beginning.”