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Ron Paul: The Real Reasons Behind Fed Secrecy 9/28/09


Last week I was very pleased that the Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207. The bill has 295 cosponsors and there is also strong support for the companion bill in the Senate. This hearing was a major step forward in getting the bill passed.

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The Great American Republic was shaped by individual events which are now part of American legend. The Battle of Bunker Hill, The Winter at Valley Forge, Washington Crossing the Delaware, the Constitutional Convention, and George Washington stepping aside after his 2nd term as President, evoke pride and honor in the hearts of many Americans, if their public schools still teach about these historic events. The politically correct “history” books today are more likely to concentrate on the impact of Marilyn Monroe on the culture of America. The Founding Fathers, including James Madison, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington, risked their lives to create a republic. These revolutionaries declared their independence from an overbearing oppressive regime. The British Empire had been taxing the colonies to pay for their foreign adventures. The Founding Fathers were willing to risk being hung rather than live under tyranny, when they made the following declaration:


How much is a trillion dollars?

To give you an ideal of how much money the federal government spends.   If a dollars is equal to a second:

  • 1 million seconds is equal to 11.5 days
  • 1 billion seconds is equal to 32 years
  • 1 trillion seconds is equal to 32,000 years

The national debt is 11+ trillion dollars.  The is a 2 trillion deficit for 2009.  Check out the debt clock to see graphically where the money comes from and where it is spent.

Salon Radio: Rep. Alan Grayson on de-funding corrupt defense contractors – Glenn Greenwald

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) — my guest on Salon Radio today — yesterday pointed out that the bill passed by both the Senate and House to de-fund ACORN is written so broadly that it literally compels the de-funding not only of that group, but also the de-funding of, and denial of all government contracts to, any corporation that “has filed a fraudulent form with any Federal or State regulatory agency.” By definition, that includes virtually every large defense contractor, which — unlike ACORN — has actually been found guilty of fraud. As The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim put it: “the bill could plausibly defund the entire military-industrial complex. Whoops.”

via Salon Radio: Rep. Alan Grayson on de-funding corrupt defense contractors – Glenn Greenwald – |Smokers light up in Keene again

An ongoing marijuana protest in Keene’s Central Square came to a head Saturday afternoon, as police made their first drug-related arrest since the group started gathering several days ago.

Protesters yelled everything from “Leave him alone!” to “This is how they did it in Nazi Germany!” as police took 40-year-old Richard G. Paul into custody.

Protesters advocating marijuana’s legalization were also joined on the square Saturday by several adults and children who held signs favoring drug control.

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Odd couple of Alan Grayson, Ron Paul promote Fed audit bill —

WASHINGTON – A measure backed by one of Washington’s oddest couples — libertarian Republican Ron Paul of Texas and self-styled progressive Democrat Alan Grayson of Orlando — took another step toward becoming law Friday.

Legislation that would allow a congressional audit of the Federal Reserve — the secretive central bank with authority over interest rates and the nation’s money supply — won support from a dozen members of the House Financial Services committee, including its influential chairman, U.S. Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts.

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