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End Insanity Of The War on Drugs—Start With Decriminalizing Marijuana at The Federal Level – CNBC

In light of the recent drug-related violence in Mexico, it is appropriate to reflect on how our current prohibition laws affect crime, law enforcement and the economy.Many will have the knee-jerk reaction of wanting to see more of a crackdown on illegal drugs. But I have to ask: Haven't we been cracking down on drugs for several decades only to see the black market flourish and the violence escalate? Could there be a more effective approach?The illegality of drugs is, in fact, the Number One factor that keeps profits up for dealers and cartels, and ensures that organized crime dominates the market.

via End Insanity Of The War on Drugs—Start With Decriminalizing Marijuana at The Federal Level – CNBC.

YouTube – GOOD: Jailbirds


I can think of no greater hell on earth than spending day after day in a little box. What about non-violent offenders? The drug addicts, the bad check writers, the people that are filling up our jails and costing us money?

The number of prisoners in prisons for drugs equals the total number of prisoners in 1980! The good news: in the past 20 years spending for higher education has increased 21%. The bad news: in that same 20 years, spending for prisons increased 127%. We’re creating criminals, not citizens. Summary courtesy of Erikka Yancy.

YouTube – GOOD: Jailbirds.

What happens to U.S. if Mexico legalizes illegal drugs? | The Platform | STLtoday

Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, strode onto a St. Louis stage Tuesday night wearing a conservative business suit and pedestrian black loafers. The cowboy boots and “Fox” belt buckle that were his trademarks while in office until late 2006 were gone.

The serious attire gave hint to the serious message he delivered: Mexico should consider legalizing some illicit drugs.

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