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Rep. Alan Grayson: The Longest War

Today, the war in Afghanistan becomes America's longest war. Longer than the war in Vietnam. Longer than the Korean War.

It took America two years to end World War I, and bring peace to the world. World War II was a little harder; that took us 3½ years to finish off.

The war in Afghanistan is over eight years old. And we're sending in more troops. We're not getting out. We getting deeper in.

Would you like to know why? It's not hard to find the answers. Just read the transcript of Osama Bin Laden's 2004 speech – right here.

Bin Laden's strategy was — and is — painfully simple: to repeat his victory in Afghanistan against Russia, by driving us into bankruptcy. As he put it, he wanted to use his “experience in using guerrilla warfare and the war of attrition to fight tyrannical superpowers, as we, alongside the mujahidin, bled Russia for 10 years, until it went bankrupt and was forced to withdraw in defeat.” In other words, he just wants to go two-for-two.

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Kathy Kelly: Atrocities in Afghanistan

If the U.S. public looked long and hard into a mirror reflecting the civilian atrocities that have occurred in Afghanistan, over the past ten months, we would see ourselves as people who have collaborated with and paid for war crimes committed against innocent civilians who meant us no harm.

Two reporters, Jerome Starkey (the Times UK), and David Lindorff, (CounterPunch), have persistently drawn attention to U.S. war crimes committed in Afghanistan. Makers of the film “Rethinking Afghanistan” have steadily provided updates about the suffering endured by Afghan civilians. Here is a short list of atrocities that have occurred in the months since General McChrystal assumed his post in Afghanistan.

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Whereas the 1,000th American soldier has fallen in February 2010, the ninth year of the Afghanistan War,


Whereas the precious lives of 5,378 American soldiers killed in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars are irreplaceable,


Whereas the murder of nearly 3,000 civilians on September 11, 2001, was a heinous terrorist act,


Whereas nothing can remove the pain and anguish of over 8,000 American families these deaths have maimed, no matter how many terrorists and Al-Qaeda members are killed,


Whereas the deaths of countless innocent Iraqi, Afghan, and Pakistani civilians, often referred to as “collateral damage,” can only cause more aggression and future blowback on American soldiers and civilians,

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Dr. Graeme MacQueen – “Challenge to the Peace Movement”

WAR PROPAGANDA: To understand how to end wars, we must understand how they are started

End US Wars calls upon our fellow war resisters to become disablers of war party mentality. To do this, we have to confront war propaganda.

Below, long-time peace activist Dr. Graeme MacQueen, Professor of Religious Studies and founding director of the Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University in Toronto, Canada, explains how he became aware of the “fraudulent trigger incident” (referring to 9/11) that allowed the American public to accept the October 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, which had been planned months in advance.

The 36-minute video, first published online in mid-December, presents a “Challenge to the Peace Movement” delivered by Professor MacQueen on September 13, 2009 at a conference in New York City. It is especially relevant now in the first days of 2010, following the attempted airline bombing incident on December 25 and the repeated media reports blaming al Qaeda in Yemen. (See also “Conspiracy or Cock Up?” White House Reaction to Ersatz Bomber by Michael Collins.)